Stress Factory

Stress Factory

End a busy work week with comedy from Stress Factory Comedy Club in New Brunswick, NJ!
Stress Factory

90 Church Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08907
(732) 545-4242

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Entertaining New Jersey for 20 AMAZING YEARS with the best stand-up comedians the industry has to offer!

What makes The Stress Factory one of a kind? Many would say its the service, the show, the audience, the owner, the phone calls, and you know what; they're all right! This Place is Great!

We know its all of the above and our attention to detail, from the moment you sit down until the show's over, you're entertained. From our Crazy Camera to our smiling waitstaff, you're treated as a guest in our home. What better way to unwind after an awful week at work than by laughing your cares away!
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